Some of Greg’s Art Films

The Confession: Video Games, Violence, and the Apocalyptic Problem of Evil

By exploring the role that “evil” plays in Fry Cry five, this video, argues that video games can act as vernacular theodicies. I’ve wagered, that their theodic nature explains much about video game violence. In other words, analyzing the concept of evil in gaming is significant for understanding contemporary technological and religious changes because it reveals the stories, audiovisual, and mechanics that make evil in games meaningful, and thus the cultural labor that digital technologies perform in contemporary apocalyptic myths. In particular, the conceptualization and idologicalization of evil shows that ethics underpins much of gaming, and reveals how moral agency and subjectivity are shaped, distributed, and negotiated in gaming and its larger social contexts.

Incomplete Transmission: A partial retrospective of Gregory Price Grieve’s Filmworks during the age of COVID-19. Presented via Zoom on August 26th, 7pm as the first Fall 2020 Flick Experimental Film Festival.

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Madhu Chitrakar Walkthrough of Gallery

Lacan The Cure (Comic Version)

Transmission 23

Train (1989)

Myths for the Near Future (1987)