Grieve, G. P., & Veidlinger, D. (2024). American Buddhism and technology. In A. Gleig & S. A. Mitchell (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of American Buddhism (pp. 415-427). Oxford University Press.

Dive into the fascinating world of “American Buddhism and Technology,” a groundbreaking chapter by Gregory Price Grieve and Daniel Veidlinger! Discover how technology has transformed Buddhism in America, from early telegraphs and radios to today’s cyber-sanghas and meditation apps. Uncover the rich history of Buddhist integration with cutting-edge innovations and the profound impact on spiritual practices. This captivating exploration reveals the dynamic fusion of ancient wisdom and modern tech, making it a must-read for anyone curious about the digital evolution of spirituality. Get ready to be inspired and enlightened! (link)

Welcome to the website of Gregory Price Grieve, Executive Director of UNCG’s Liberal and Professional Studies. With a keen focus on the intersection of religion and videogaming, Prof. Grieve employs a multidisciplinary approach, blending social sciences and humanities methodologies to investigate the realm of digital religion.As the Director of UNCG’s Network for the Cultural Study of Videogaming and a founding member of the International Academy for the Study of Gaming and Religion, Prof. Grieve is at the forefront of advancing scholarly understanding in this emerging field. His research, informed by high-level empirical studies and theoretical reflections, unravels the nuanced dynamics between religion and videogames. Having authored or coauthored five books, along with numerous book chapters and journal articles, Prof. Grieve’s contributions are widely recognized and respected. His current research on Video Games and the Problem of Evil explores how videogames serve as potent vernacular theodicies, allowing players to navigate contemporary ethical dilemmas within immersive digital landscapes.