Caption: Home Sweet Home.

Leaving Greensboro, NC


July 3, 2008 - July 6, 2008 (Greensboro NC, Charlottesville, VA & Mt. Gilead State Park)


It has been a not so long-about 1000 miles-and often windy road.  We arrived in N. Muskegon last night, after a couple of days driving up through the Appalachians and the Ohio River Valley.  The van, child and dog are all doing well.

 Caption:  Grey and Haku all loaded up!


We started on July 3rd, late in the afternoon. About 30 miles from home we stopped in Reidsville, NC at Short Sugarıs for plates of real NC pulled pork barbecue.( 

 Caption: Sarah, ready for sweet tea!


After lunch we continued on up highway 29 to Charlottesville, VA, to meet our friends, Kurtis and Heather, for the Fourth of July. 

 Caption: Kurtis and Heatherıs on the 4th


Besides visiting Thomas Jeffersonıs hallowed grounds (the campus of U-VA), Grey played non stopped for 48 hours with their children, Max and Ruby (no relation to the rabbits), and we celebrated our nationıs independence, in true American spirit, by drinking beer and blowing things up. 


 Caption: Ruby taking a farewell snapshot


On July 5th we headed west, taking Interstate 64 to 81 and then turning onto the Midland Scenic trail in Rupert, West Virginia ( What started as a large two-lane highway soon became a windy road through the heart of the Appalachian Mountains!  After a few hours of hairpin turns up, and then down, at 15-25 mph, we descended back onto Interstate 77, and then onto highway 33 towards the heart of Ohio and Mount Gilead! (

 Caption: Grey stokes the fire at Mt. Gilead State Park.


This was a great park, with a beautiful lake, trails, playgrounds, and friendly campers who literally brought us a campfire in the form of a burning log and a pile of dry wood!  The town of Mt. Gilead also looked great, with a thriving downtown and busy ice cream shop.  On July 6th, after a hearty pancake breakfast (compliments of the very friendly locals), we headed west along highway 95, and then on to Interstate 23 towards Ann Arbor, MI.  In Ann Arbor we stopped at Zingermanıs Deli ( ) — for corned beef sandwiches and white fish salad.  Mmmmm!  Is it extra fancy that we saw Julianne Moore there, too?  Movie stars hang out in Ann Arbor?  Who knew?  (And no, we didnıt ask for her photo.)

 Caption: Sarah with her loot from Zingermanıs

 Caption: Grey with critique about a FRESH pickle: ³Hey, thatıs tasty!²


After lunch, we headed west along Interstate 96, and arrived in North Muskegon in time for Julieıs all-star hamburgers and the last night of fireworks for Summer Celebration!  Home of Sarahıs mom and dad, her sister, Julie and her brother, Kent, in N. Muskegon we also get to see Julieıs family, with husband Robert and son Carleton, and Kentıs daughter Emma!  Lots of folks!