July 9th Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


We left Muskegon early and caught the cross-lake express ferry to Milwaukee.  The trip lasted two and half hours, and the ship was a catamaran similar to the one we took from Singapore to Indonesia, just about a year ago now. We arrived in Wisconsin and drove to the Jack Pandlıs Whitefish Bay Inn — which has been serving German-flavored Dairyland cuisine since 1915.  It reminded us of Hackneyıs in Chicago.  Sarah and I had the broiled whitefish — and Grey was most impressed with his first Shirley Temple.  We drove up Highway 41, and hit our first crosswinds.  This was foreshadowing for our time in North Dakota.  We found Donna and Tuckerıs incredibly cute bungalow on Lake Winnebago, and they took us for pizza at Caponeıs, the local roadside inn.


Caption: Lake Express ferry heading west to Milwaukee.



Caption: Grey Pointing to land as we leave Michigan


Caption: Getting ready to disembark!


Caption:  Sarah and Grey at the Whitefish Bay Inn.


Caption: ³Look, thereıs something in there!²


Caption:  Wisconsin Landscape


Caption: Grey and Grey on Lake Winnebago, WI.


Caption: Grey fishes on Lake Winnebago, WI.


Caption: Grey climbs the Columbia Tower in Fond du Lac, WI.