July 18th Yellowstone, WY


We piled Grey, Boris, Nick, Haku (which rhymes with Taco), Sarah, and Grey into the Camper Van and headed for Yellowstone.  On the way we stopped at Helenıs Corral Drive-Inn for ½ pound buffalo burgers.  At camp we munched on the delicious bacon delights fried up by Boris.  After it started to rain, and the temperature dropped, Nick was master fire starter, employing the ³tepee² method.  The next day we drove the inner Yellowstone loop, and saw Old Faithful — but everyoneıs favorite were the thermal features at West Thumb.  The boys built log forts in the woods.





Caption:  Leaving Cathy & Russıs for Yellowstone


Caption:  Boys (and dog) loaded into Camper Van.



Caption:  A Bison welcomes us to Yellowstone.


Caption: Grey bundles up for the cold.



Caption: Boris—chef.



Caption: Album cover #1.



Caption: West Thumb thermal feature.



Caption:  Last boys in the woods.




Caption: Finally, Old Faithful!