July 13th Bozeman, MT


After the night at the Camp-on-the-Heart campground in North Dakota, we headed west along Interstate 90.  Soon the landscape changed and we were in the Badlands.  We had entered the West!  After a day of travel (yes, the tire rims held!), we arrived at Cathy and Russıs in Bozeman, MT.  In Bozeman Grey met up with his cousins Saara, Ari, Nic and Boris. (Sasha was back in PC.)  They spent their time swimming in the watering hole, going to the county fair, and floating down the Madison river.  But mostly they ironically watched —as the postmodern kids they are—the Flea Market Montgomery advertisement on U-tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ3oHpup-pk).


CAPTION: Driving West along the Yellowstone River.



CAPTION: Ari, Nic, Grey and Boris driving to the watering hole.



CAPTION:  Haku (rhymes with taco) stuck on the dock.



CAPTION: Sarahıs story —but she can walk!


CAPTION: Grey and Greg in the County Fairıs fun house.



CAPTION: Grey and Boris riding the Helicopter.


CAPTION:  Ari, Nic and Boris on the Spyder.


CAPTION: Cathy and Russ in the Black Hole.