July 11 Pelican Rapids, MN


We woke to a heavy thunderstorm in the early morning.  After the rain passed we opened the door to find that raccoons had stolen our muffins, zip lock baggy and all, and left a neat little pile of wrappers.  Grey swam at the lake, and then we headed west towards Montana along Interstate 94.  Soon we crossed the Minnesota state line, and ran into a 20 mile stop-and-go traffic jam. Other than heating up a little, the VW van did a wonderful job of forging through it.  After Minneapolis we entered the great plains, and the wind picked up again, and soon grew to a 50 mile an hour cross wind that buffeted relentlessly.  Near the North Dakota border we drove the Viking/Otter Tail highway to Pelican Rapids.



Caption:  Finally Camp, after a day of wind.



Caption:  Grey chases a turtle



Caption:  Aye Aye Captain. 



Caption: Getting ready for bed